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What My Clients are Saying


"Emily is a warm and connected practitioner who makes me feel comfortable from the moment we begin our work. She genuinely cares for me as a person and wants to help me reach my potential. This is very important to me when I work with any practitioner.  I know that I have had some trapped emotions which were impacting my overall health. Releasing these emotions through more traditional therapies can be tedious and exhausting, but with Emily's expertise, I was delighted to see how effortless it was to do this important work. Before my session, I was having some pain in my joints--which were significant enough that they were upsetting my daily walks, but these greatly improved after our single session together.  I plan to continue doing my sessions with Emily. I strongly recommend Emily to anyone who has not tried this kind of healing work before. It can be a wonderful opportunity to try something new that can really help, and with Emily guiding you through the process, you can have the confidence that you're doing it with a kind, glowing, and delightful person who is committed to your healing."

Paola Brown, MEd, President and co-founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice and of where you can get engaging literature-based curriculum on teaching children and families homeopathy. 

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"I’ve known Emily for a few years through a study group. I’ve always found her a joy to be around. Since she began her own journey through The Emotion Code, I have seen her own self growth. I told her “I want this!” I’ve been working with Emily as my Emotion Code practitioner for 2 months. It amazes me the timelines that she can pinpoint throughout my life in conjunction with trapped emotions. With each released, I find a new calm in how I feel. In my first session we dealt with a neck pain which resolved within a few days. She has found and released inherited emotions related to events decades earlier. I appreciate the grounded perspective, good humor, and skillful navigation she brings to my sessions. It’s amazing how changing your inner world really does change your outer world. I’m extremely grateful to Emily for the skills she will bring to help others. Blessings in your new practice!!"

Rocky Brueseke, Owensville, MO


"After wondering about The Emotion Code for a few years, I was elated when Emily agreed to work with me.  

I wasn't completely sure what to expect, but she explained thoroughly and to my satisfaction each aspect.  From the overall goals to each individual question, Emily articulated exactly what I needed to understand.  

Scheduling was easy, she was responsive between sessions, and, ultimately, celebratory about my healing.

I'm very pleased and thankful for Emily's practice."

Kathryn Nguyen, Texas

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