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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is an energetic healing system developed by chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson, to rid the body of trapped emotional baggage from past events that are affecting us in the present.  We are all made up of energy but so often the energetic body is ignored! With Dr. Bradley's discovery we can now focus on this vital energetic life force flowing through us!

What should I expect from my first session?

Once you have booked a session you will receive a zoom link to join the meeting space at the time of your session. During your first session we will start by reviewing any issues you would like addressed. Then we will begin identifying your trapped emotions using applied kinesiology (muscle testing), the Emotion Code chart, and a specific line of questions. We will gently identify any other information your body would like you to know prior to the emotion being released. Please know you do not need to share any information with me you wish to keep private. Then we will release the emotion and move on to the next emotion. We will continue in this manner until your body let's us know it is finished releasing emotions for that session. Then I will test when you are able to release more emotions and we can schedule another appointment at that time if you choose.

What is a trapped emotion?

A trapped emotion is a harmful negative energy trapped within the body that can cause imbalances creating physical pain, mental hang ups, inability to manage stress, and emotional dysregulation.  Trapped emotions are literally balls of energy vibrating at different frequencies within our bodies (shame is lowest frequency of all the human emotions).  We all have a life force flowing through us like water flows in a stream.  Trapped emotions are like rocks and boulders in our stream of energy blocking the water from flowing freely. Clearing these trapped emotions, clears our energic body of blockages and helps the body regulate itself.  When our energetic body is clear it frees our body to heal physical pain, frees our mind to focus and think clearly, our emotions to respond thoughtfully, and soul to experience life fully!

How does an emotion become trapped?

An emotion becomes trapped when we don't allow our bodies to fully experience the sensation of an emotion in our bodies to completion.  Think of the emotion of anger/rage.  You can feel that emotion welling up within you- that feeling is the energy of the emotion.  Anger is a good example because that sensation most of us feel easily, but all emotions have an energetic vibration (shame has the lowest vibration of all human emotions)!  Often, we clamp down the energy of the emotion that we feel in our bodies because the majority of us do not know what to do with it.  

We trap emotions during very traumatic events in our lives because it is too much for our nervous system to handle.  Another reason we trap emotions is because in our culture men and women are taught to suppress their emotions in different ways to conform to cultural gender roles, norms, and standards. And some of emotional suppression is a necessary skill! We can't very well haul off and hit our co-workers when they make us angry.  

And most of us were taught from a very early age to suppress our emotions. We were never given tools and skills by our caregivers on what to do with these strong feelings, so we continue to suppress them in adulthood. When our caregivers teach us, in various ways, to suppress our emotions, we get the unconscious message that those emotions must be too much to handle or that some of our emotions are bad. We learn as a survival mechanism to be pleasing to our caregivers, so we ignore or push those emotions down, and therefore become trapped in our bodies. They are literal balls of energy that can wreak havoc on our health.  

It is good to note that just because we received the message that our emotions are bad or too much for us to handle, does not mean it is true. No emotion is bad! All emotions are just information. It is what we do with that information that can be constructive or harmful. We can learn to get in touch with our bodies to determine what different emotions feel like for us. We can build our capacity and learn the skills needed to handle all our emotions as they come up, preventing us from trapping more now and in the future.  


 No matter how or why these emotions become trapped it is good to identify and release them so we can live and move through life freely. 

How is a trapped emotion identified?

A trapped emotion is identified using applied kinesiology (muscle testing), specific questioning, and a chart developed by Dr. Nelson to pinpoint which emotion is trapped and ready to be released.  Once the emotion is identified often the body will want us to know when in your life you trapped this emotion, and what event caused the emotion to become trapped. But do not worry- you don't need to share any information you wish to keep private! Once we have brought all the information your body wants us to know to the forefront of your mind, the emotion is ready to be released.

How is a trapped emotion released?

Energy healing modalities, such as the Emotion Code, take into account the human energy field. A trapped emotion is negative ball of energy stuck in our bodies. Our bodies are energy.  Our thoughts and intentions are energy. We are all made up of energy and our scientists and doctors recognize this as currently we use echocardiogram tests to measure the hearts energy and MRI’s, EEGs, and CT scans to measure the brains energy.  We can also see the energy fields around people using aura photography.  We are all tuned into these energies, some more than others. Whenever you have a conflict with someone and you can sense the "elephant in the room", that is the energy within your relationship that you are picking up on!

By drawing our attention to the emotion, the time, and event we are in a sense, "calling it out" the ball of energy and bringing it forward in our energy field to be released.   Because we are operating on the energetic playing field, we use a magnet to magnify the intention to clear the trapped emotional energy from the body.  We run the magnet over the Governing Meridian of the body to clear the trapped emotion.  Chinese Medicine notes that the Governing Meridian is the main energetic line that connects to all other energetic meridians in the body. The magnet neutralizes the negative energy and it is gone forever! Once we have cleared the trapped emotion, we will ask the body via muscle testing if the emotion is indeed gone.

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